Keeping Your Home Updated and Looking Great

As every home ages it requires maintenance, repairs, and full-on renovations in some cases. Keeping your home updated and well maintained is not only necessary but it’s also a great way to show that you care about your home, those that dwell in it, and that you are the man of the house who can wear that Mr. Fix It hat. You will also need some DIY tools to help you achieve this task including hammer, pliers, screwdrivers and may be circular saw. I recently bought Makita Brushless DHS680Z Circular Saw which is probably UK’s best circular saw of 2019. We will be discussing about the various uses of circular saws later in this article.

Some areas of focus for any home are the floors, doors, and walls.


When a home starts to get older it’s easy to notice that the floors, especially where there is high traffic, get worn out and need replacing. Another good indication that the floors could use some love is when they start to creak when you walk over certain areas. In either case, a great solution can be to install laminate flooring Boca Raton which will increase the appearance, durability, and longevity of the floor.


In the home, especially when you have kids, doors tend to take a little beating over time. Often doors will get skid marks from shoes near the bottom of the door. This is more apparent if the door is white. Look around your house and check all the doors for skid marks, holes, and motion fluidity. Wash or paint over the skid marks, replace the door if it has holes, and tighten all loose screws on the hinges and knobs. If they creak then apply some grease or WD-40.


When a home is truly lived in, and I’m talking about kids rough housing and playing hard, then your walls will have marks, dents, or even holes in them. Apply some putty to repair the holes and paint over the damaged areas to renew your walls back to normal. We don’t stop here though. Take a walk around your home and make sure all your outside walls are sound and in good repair. If not, well, you’re the man and you know what to do.

Circular Saw Uses

Circular saws are probably the most versatile saw in your toolkit.  Here is a list of some of the most common uses for a circular saw:

  • Cross cuts – Cutting across the grain when cutting studs (e.g. for framing), fence boards, and hardwood flooring.
  • Ripping – Cutting with the grain, typically on large planks of wood, such as plywood, particle board, and MDF.  It is often far easier to cut large planks of wood with a circular saw than to place them onto a table saw.
  • Depth Cuts – Circular saws can be used to cut to a certain depth.  For example, if you want to remove a section of 3/4″ hardwood flooring without damaging the underlying subfloor, you can set the saw to a 3/4″ depth and cut just the top layer of flooring.

Circular saws are typically the less accurate (but often acceptable) option, while the more accurate option would be to use a miter saw (for cross cuts) or table saw (for cutting large sheets of wood).  Circular saws can be used for a large variety of projects, including:

  • Framing
  • Fencing
  • Hardwood floor installation (and removal)
  • Subfloor installation (and removal)
  • Siding installation (and removal)
  • Carpentry projects that involve large sheets of wood that need to be ripped
  • Cutting masonry
  • Cutting steel

While it is typically used for quick cuts where accuracy is not an issue, it can also be used for more accurate cuts in certain circumstances, and you will find it is a very handy tool to have around.

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